Thursday, September 16, 2010


My Family,

Kumusta na kayo? Life here is so different, but choaheyo! (GOOD IN KOREA). Please inform me if you received my email. Im going to send it at kath's Yahoo Account. Sorry for speaking English now because English parati gamit ko dito and Korean. Learning Korean for me is hard because their writing is consists of consonants and vowels only. No Alphabet! but now I can read in Korean slowly but good. I learned a lot of things here at the MTC and they gave me more stuffs like suit, jacket the suit that we will use during our works, they gave me also boots and personal hygiene. Mom, my toothpaste and the blade were confiscated at NAIA,. But don't worry, MTC provided all our needs. International Missionaries like me treat them cool and good. We have some Japanese Missionaries here, 4 Filipinos and many more. Oh, I saw Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the QUORUM OF THE TWELVE in my arrival date, they oh, he speak to us and it is so wonderful! I have a new for you , the church will have a plan to negotiate to the North Korean Government to open the missionary work there, that's amazing! If North Korea is opened, then I have a chance to go there because our mission (SEOUL MISSION) is bordered in nokor's DMZ. I know his gospel will fill the earth. That is so awesome and sweet.

I'm the only Foreign Missionary going to korea so I'm popular here in our zone (KOREA ZONE) and they welcomed me here and loves me. My companion here is american from indiana, ELDER POULSEN. HE's so kind to  me because he loves to talk to different nationalities, he's so tall but humble. Some of missionaries here in our district are so hillarious! They make fun stuffs and talked to me always. So, the climate here is different  from us, even though I'm exercising here, I'm not sweating because of dry climate, summer here for me is cold than in Baguio, It is more outside than inside of buildings here. We will go to Korea on Nov 8, So we stay here for 12 weeks. I really enjoy here, maganda kasi at malakas and spirit dito! Provo Temple is beautiful and BYU Provo. Our temple day here is Tuesday and also our P-day. Leaves of the trees here is now changing their color, autumn is coming and evening here is different, 6:00 pm here ay sobrang maliwanag pa parang 5:00 pm  sa pinas. Kahit 9:00 pm dito ay parang 6:00pm sa pinas. When it was my 1st day here, sobrang pagod ako with ELDER ARELLANO.  Kim and Kath, take care of our parents, love them! Family is so important and be united, Love One Another. I experiencing homesick sometimes but I'm not crying because I have a lots of friends here.

Always remember that sarangmida ko kayo at pakiregards sa lahat ng immediate family at kina lola let at lolo juan, kay inang at kay lolo ben. Be strong always and endure to the end. I'm happy because I'm now serving his children and I serve him. Atonement is so important to me, be part of church always and be humble. I know this church is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet of god. I love this church and his gospel. Ingat kayo parati at always keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I love you all! November aalis ko papuntang Korea. 

                                                                                                      Your Missionary,
                                                                                       Elder Bacarro, Kenneth Edward R.
                                                                                                 BACARRO JANGRO

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My last activity before I leave

This is a super happy day because me and my friends have some fun in stake center and in our chapel. These are some of the pictures. And tomorrow is my set apart as missionary.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Follow the Light"...5 days to go... :)

Times gone by so fast! I can't imagine that next Tuesday will be my flight to Provo MTC. My friends in our ward always telling me that be a good missionary and Return with Honor. Yesterday, my family and I went to mall to buy some things. That is my last monday with my family going to mall, I will miss them so much. Right now, I'm so excited and a little bit of nervous, I'm also curious what kind of place will I'm going.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

‎"Come Follow Me"...11 days to go :) T_T

Ang bilis lumipas ng oras. 11 days nalang ako and my heart beat fast and so excited! Everyday, I always posting my countdown for my remaining days here in Philippines and many of my friends in other ward commenting to my post. They always saying goodluck to me or congratulations (chukadurimnida in korean). Sounds pretty good coz' I know now a little bit in korean language and really excited to go!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 24 is final!

This morning, we received a text from our Stake President. On August 22, he will set apart me as a missionary, then, 23 is I'm going to Manila for my orientation to my travel. I will stay there in a hotel for evening and on 24 is my flight bounding to Salt Lake, Utah to Provo MTC. My parents are so happy to me especially my dad. He hug me and my tears roll because of joy. I'm so excited right now and suuuuuuuper happy!

Last night, I read a book from Elder Landingin. The book is about "SERVE WITH HONOR" by Randy L. Bott. It is all about some preparations for mission and some better things to do while you are in the field. It contains also some advices and lessons how to work, unity with your companion and many more, but I'm not already done to read the book. It's amazing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has this, Missionary work. I know that this is a challenge to me to learn a foreign language "korean" but I will do my best to learn and adjust to live in two countries for more than a month or a year.


Monday, August 2, 2010

2 weeks to go!!!

I'm now starting my countdown my remaining days before I leave here in Pinas' as we call it. I have many experiences before I leave, some happy but some are sad. I'm going to miss all of my love ones here, especially my family, my friends, my LDS family...!!! While I'm typing this post, I'm listening a song, Lord, I would follow thee. Yesterday, we practiced the youth for their choir presentation for our ward conference this coming August 29, but sadly, I'm not able to play the piano this day. My sister is going to be the pianist and Bea Pascua.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before I leave

All of my papers regarding to my travel going to Provo and Korea are now ready, so I'm waiting for my itinerary. I'm so excited for my departure date. Yesterday, Elder Landingin (He's the current zone leader here in Tarlac) interviewed Mildred and Robin for their baptism on August 7. I'm happy because I will witness their baptism. Both of them are great investigators especially Robin. He wants to serve also on mission when he get to right age. I was inspire for that and I told him to continue his life in church and be strong in every challenges in his life after his baptism. After the interview, we went to Sis. Rica, a new convert. We shared about temples and their importance, I shared also my testimony and my feelings what I feel during I attended sessions in temple.

Good news also for Elder Bosotros ( my friend in our ward), he sent me email this week. He shared to me his first area in Roxas, Capiz. He told in his email that their area is in rice fields full of mud and every time they went to their apartment, he washes his clothes. He shared to me also his feelings of being a missionary with nametag and he's happy and know more what his purpose in the field. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will guide us in our mission and we will RETURN WITH HONOR.

Last Sunday, we had a Stake Single Adults Devotional and Personality Development activity with Angeles Mission President, Pres. and Sis. Puzey together with the new CES Coordinator in Camiling, Pres. and Sis. Macariola. Capas and Concepcion wards presented a choir, singing "Faith in Every Footstep." This is one of my memorable events in my life before I will go because I was inspired to our Guest speakers and we have so much fun with other Single adults in other wards. I will never forget the one part of the program which is we singed all S.A.s the song, We will stand Taller, while I'm singing, I reminded about my goals regarding on my mission. I will miss this activity and all of my church friends here in Philippines. When the activity was done, my friends in my ward with me singed again the Faith in Every Footstep for some fun and reminds to us what is our purpose. KAMSAHAMNIDA!

내가 당신을 다 사랑 해요!

My mission call

My mission call

I received my mission call last March 3, 2010 and I was so amazed what is written in my mission call. I did'nt expected that I'm going to serve in Korea. I know the Lord has called me to serve His children in Korea. I'm so excited!