Sunday, June 24, 2012

President Lee's last week...Welcome President Christensen!

President Lee's last week...

Last week was intense...Don't have to say a lot...Wednesdays was our transfers and I only have 1 left which is really weird and really crazy of...My new companion is Elder Scott Messick from Orange county, CALIFORNIA. He goes home next year and we're co-seniors but I'm the district leader here!!! Yes!!! You'll receive a mail from our office about that and my travel plans so inform me AGAIN if you guys got a letter from our mission. About  travel plans, just email to me everything what's in there, just about the airline what flight am I going to because families are the first one who get that letter.

Well it's a humid, hot and drought here in Korea. We didn't get rain here so far so it's always hot and sunny. It
's crazy that I'm the district leader in my last part of my mission. Yeah...Elder Duke is now in Incheon as a zone leader. What else, oh, we saw some miracles last week too, a random lady called us and wanrts to come to our english class so she came and went to my class. I had an impression to talk about the Book of Mormon and it surprised me! She told me that she wants to learn about the book and she downloaded the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and covenants in our church's site! She listens to it every day! We will meet her this coming thursday and hopefully she will get baptize!

We had a dinner with our progressing investigator Jin Min Jeong and we ate samgyeopsal at their rooftop. Freak sweet!!! We talked a lot about missionary work and the Book of Alma.

Yesterday, we went you Yeongdeungpo for our Mission President's farewell meeting for the members here in Seoul area. It was emotional when he asked us to stand(all the missionaries) and told the members how proud he is to us and how he loves us so much then he cried. He told the members how hard missionary work especially financial. He said that we have a hardtime in transportation too because it's sooo expensive so he ask the members to help the missionaries a lot. He emphasized also that we can baptize even we're not good at korean. I was so happy when he said that to all the members here in Seoul Mission! We cried(missionaries) but life still go on!

During our church, members invited us to visit their house and have a lunch and dinner. So this week, our schedule is totally packed. Were still finding people to teach and so good doing this work. I feel sometimes that I don't want to go home because I love this work but I need to go back... 

okay that's all the highlights for the last week. Still hot and humid!!! I miss tropical coz it's windy in us! LOVES!!! Good luck to your job kath and say hi to mom and dad.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

We will miss you PRESIDENT LEE and Sister HAN!!!

Goodbye President Lee and Sister Han!!!

Hello 나의 가족!!! Last week was so sad and spiritual. Last wednesday, we

had our last zone conference with our beloved Mission President and

his wife. It was sad because we love him and they're great people!

When Sister Han gave her last message to us, we are all started

crying, she talked about reading the scriptures daily and how her

mission change her a lot. She expressed how she loves us. President

Lee cried too and it was my first time to see him crying.He talked how

the 3 years gone by so fast and he can't believed that his calling as

a mission President is done. It was really emotional. We sang God Be

With You Till We Meet Again and at the last verse, we (missionaries)

standed and sandg it with conviction for him. It was really emotional.

After the closing prayer, we were all quiet and didn't prepare for

lunch, we just stared at him and his wife.Ah!!! I will miss him!!!

Then after the conference, he gave us hug and saying goodbyes.ㅜ.ㅜ...

At that day too, I had splits with my zone leader because he's going

home. We ate DOG MEAT!!!!!! Yes!!!! Dog meat!!! They're investigator

treated us in a dog resto and at first I didn't want too. When I ate

the meat, it was weird but after that bite, I liked it. It tasted like

goat meat and so soft!!! We went back to our area and visited the

filipina member. It was fun.

The next day, I went to Shiheung for splits again! It was so hot and

so humid!!! I really don't like summer here, I like summer in us coz

it's windy. Me and Elder Kim had some success and at night, we met

they're less-active member and told me about some dirty stuffs so I

just laughed. Friday, I went back at last in my area with Elder Duke.

We were both tired but still, work continues! We found some miracles

in our proselyting. We found 4 new investigators!!! I was so happy!!!

Yesterday, we had our ward conference and tons of people came. Ok I

forgot to tell you guys that our ward is pretty big, we have 150

members every sunday and yesterday, we had 180!!! This ward is huge

because of kids... We had lunch after and still,...lots of people.

This week will be our transfers. Cheeze, I'll stay here maybe with my

last companion in my mission!!! Elder Duke will maybe transferring to

another area. I only have a another transfer!!! Soooooooooo scary!!!

I took the exam and let's see the results... LOVES. PEACE.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

100 day mark!!!

Hello Bacarro Family!!!

We just spent that 50 dollars coz we didn't have food at our house. Things are doing great here though sometimes it's hard. Dang, I got my 100 day mark in my mission last Thursday so I only have 95 days left!!! So crazy! Hopefully, someone will send me letters in my last two transfers, NO ONE SENT ME A LETTER for the last 7 months, Hahahaha!!!

We saw some miracles last week like people calling us and wants to meet. Gimpo Elders called me and said that they have a Filipino member in their ward so they asked us to go there and meet this guy. We met him, he's from Dipolog??? I actually don't know where's that place. He's been here in Korea for a year and working in Incheon. It was weird because I never talked in tagalog for the last 2 years so I had a hard time when I talked to him. I FORGOT SOME TAGALOG WORDS!

Our mission President is going home soon! We will have a zone conference this wednesday for his last testimony as a Mission President. Our new Mission President is from  US, President Brent Christensen, I'm not sure about his name but it was sounds like that. I'm excited but sad! I love President Lee.

Have a great week guys!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seoul is the best!!!

26C Summer???

Hello to you guys! Elder Bacarro is signing ON again from Seoul, Korea. Last week was nothing. We had some weird weather here. 26c TEMPERATURE BUT STILL SO HOT FOR ME! We found some new investigators, they're 2 cute 8 year old kids, but the problem was we dropped them last thursday! Reason was their mom heard that we taught them how to pray(we actually did 30/30 program to them, 30 minutes english and 30 minutes gospel time), they decided not to meet them anymore:(... It was devastating for us because we tried to find a lot of investigators and those kids are so awesome! They were still humble at their age and they really loved us! Hahaha, I got a call from our mission office telling me about BYUH, I'll take exam this coming June, I think I'll take with some Korean missionaries, hopefully I'll pass the exam!!!

We met an old lady last week from Japan but she's half korean-japanese. Luckily she speaks korean although a lil bit. Sometimes she talks in Japanese, i wish I can still remember my Japanese back high school! Her name is SOMI??? I'm not really sure... It was sound like that. Hahaha, sorry for my disorganized emaiL. Today was our temple day and we have a new missionary from Cambodia! I had a chance to talk to him and shocked me coz he's pretty good at english...I met him today! What else do I need to tell....I think that's all folks! Still alive here and enjoying life as a missionary here in the LAND OF MORNING CALM. I love this gospel and I know that this church is true. This transfer is going smoothly so far with Elder Duke. I learned a lot and helps me to be mature in this gospel. I love him and I know HE loves us!!! Always remember that FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER! I'm really grateful that you're helping and feeding the missionaries at our house. Honestly, when you started inviting missionaries in our house, I got a lots of blessings and support from the members that I served with and the areas that I've been was sweet!

PEACE! Doctrine and Covenants 4!



A great week with 50,000 WON!!!

Well I'll take exam this coming saturday at Dongdaemun(my last area!!!) Hopefully they will pass me man! If not I'll just go to school there...Hahaha, last week was so fun and lots of activities here in our mission but first I want to tell want happened last wednesday. I had splits in Kaebong..It's actually Elder Won Yong Ko's home ward. Me and the missionary there had street boarding, after that, we took this bus that goes back to their apartment and we met this old lady and started to talked  us because she wants to help us to carry our stuffs but I told her that we were fine, then I introduce our church to her and surprised me that she a lot about us! Then we sat and gave us 50 dollars!!!! At first we didn't want to accept it and we really didn't wanted too but she really forced us to accept it, so we got it...Highlights for the week.

Thursday was our Medical zone conference! We will have another one this month because our mission president is going home soon. I'll be really sad. Mmmm...We had also a lots of dinner appointments and I just learned something that I will share to you guys after 2 transfers, hehehehe just wait!

I just don't have any comments about that. Hahha... Say hi for me to inang and grandpa ben. Tell them that I love them and I'm doing great here in Seoul. Lots of miracles and finding investigators! I love missionary work! Bye guys! Today is 25 degrees outside but it's so hot coz of humidity!