Sunday, August 26, 2012

ELDER BACARRO'S last transfer's 4th week

Annyeong Haseyo my dear family. This is Elder Bacarro again from Korea Seoul Mission, reporting the events of my 4th week in this last leg. We got mild weather last week and lots of rain but toady is really nice, sunny but windy. Fall is coming soon.

We had our zone conference at Noryang-jin. I went to that church last January 7, 2011, my first morning here in Korea. I went there again last Thursday after 1 year to give my last talk for the mission. It was really weird to think sometimes that I'm going home soon but I'm really trying not to think about it. 4 of us gave our last talks. 2 sisters and 2 elders. I was on the 4th list. When I gave my talk, I talk in Tagalog for a minute and gave the rest of my talk in English. It was really emotional  and weird. I just shared basically what I learned as a missionary and shared some advises especially for the young missionaries. I'll give you a copy of my last talk next week so that you can read it guys. That moment was the most emotional part of my mission so far. I was sad that day too because it will be my last zone conference. Elder Noe, my last companion in Uijeongbu got extended for his mission, so he will not go home with us this September.

Yesterday was my last Stake conference in Korea. Our stake had a conference and our Mission President and wife gave their talks about pushing members to support the missionaries and doing missionary work. We were so happy to hear about that! It was a fun conference.

Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I had splits for the last time with my Zone leaders. I went to their area and went to Gimpo to help the English class there cuz the Elders there are both Koreans. We slept at their house at night because we were to far to come back to Seoul and we didn't have much time to travel back. It was so cold and rainy at that day! I was so happy. I hate hot weather and humid now. I heard typhoon will come today here so..I don't know whats gonna happen. My shoes are totally hammered but I have another pair, I'll use them in my last week here.

I think that's all so far for the 4th week. We didn't get our travel plans. There's a chance that I'll arrive in NAIA at morning. Returning missionaries usually go at 10:40 am from Incheon airport. Our office sister told me that I'll be a lil bit early so maybe I'll be in Manila by 1pm of September 14? I'm not sure so I'll call the office about that. You have to get my itenerary in your email.

Love you all and talk you again next week!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Elder Bacarro's last transfer week 3!!!

Still Elder Bacarro is doing good. He got his travel plans!

Malaysian Airlines Incheon airport-Hongkong airport:10:40am-1:00pm

Hongkong airport-Ninoy Aquino(Manila) 2:00-3:00pm

September 14, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's different here in Korea, so hot and humid!!! They got the hottest summer here for the last 13 years, we get 35-37 degrees here like in Philippines which is really weird. They usually get 30 degrees here during summer. Your lucky there coz you have rain, here is drought...They're pleading here for rain.

Well it was a hot and intense week! I was so happy that I got baptism in my last transfer. He's in Busan now to find his wife coz they had a lil bit of arguement. He's doing good and fine. I have some plans for this transfer coz it's my last one. I'll visit my recent converts and my areas. Members told me to visit them before I'll go home. It's really fun to know that members in my last areas really liked me. I'm still here in Bucheon, my last area with my same companion, Elder Messick. I'm still the district leader here so I'll still give trainings to missionaries every wednesday and doing some reports. It's good though for my english and pronunciation. My companion ios doing some countdown for me, the last one I heard was I only have 39 days which drives my head so bad. It's gonna be fun to see you guys again afetr 2 years. In next 2 weeks, we will have our zone conference so I'll give my last talk and testimony to the mission. Super weird.

Last time, we went to a local market in our area and we saw DOG MEAT!!! It was really groase and sad coz it's a dog...I just remember pooh, chuwie and pooh #2. We found some good investigators and lots of miracles here in our area. I'm really glad that my last transfer is doing good and smoothly. We found 4 new investigators again here. Our progressing investigator has a problem about recognizing the spirit. He really wants to know if our church is ture. Of course, he needs to pray about it like what Moroni said. I'm really hoping that he'll be baptize.

Woah, I just can't belive taht they bought me an IPhone!!! They're so expensive here in Korea but they're famous. Even my american companions love it!!! They told me that I'm lucky coz I have it! It's the best phone in US!!! I'm excited to use it but I'm not gonna bring it outside coz reememeber I lost my phone before I went to MTC so coz of that, I'm afraid to bring phone. Even our phone here, I hate to bring it so I lte my companion to bring it everyday. Oh I sent you a post card for you guys...Have fun and see you in 4 weeks!!!

ELDER BACARRO   Elder Bacarro is going home this coming September 14. We're really excited to see him again. 4 weeks left and you can do it!!!