Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before I leave

All of my papers regarding to my travel going to Provo and Korea are now ready, so I'm waiting for my itinerary. I'm so excited for my departure date. Yesterday, Elder Landingin (He's the current zone leader here in Tarlac) interviewed Mildred and Robin for their baptism on August 7. I'm happy because I will witness their baptism. Both of them are great investigators especially Robin. He wants to serve also on mission when he get to right age. I was inspire for that and I told him to continue his life in church and be strong in every challenges in his life after his baptism. After the interview, we went to Sis. Rica, a new convert. We shared about temples and their importance, I shared also my testimony and my feelings what I feel during I attended sessions in temple.

Good news also for Elder Bosotros ( my friend in our ward), he sent me email this week. He shared to me his first area in Roxas, Capiz. He told in his email that their area is in rice fields full of mud and every time they went to their apartment, he washes his clothes. He shared to me also his feelings of being a missionary with nametag and he's happy and know more what his purpose in the field. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will guide us in our mission and we will RETURN WITH HONOR.

Last Sunday, we had a Stake Single Adults Devotional and Personality Development activity with Angeles Mission President, Pres. and Sis. Puzey together with the new CES Coordinator in Camiling, Pres. and Sis. Macariola. Capas and Concepcion wards presented a choir, singing "Faith in Every Footstep." This is one of my memorable events in my life before I will go because I was inspired to our Guest speakers and we have so much fun with other Single adults in other wards. I will never forget the one part of the program which is we singed all S.A.s the song, We will stand Taller, while I'm singing, I reminded about my goals regarding on my mission. I will miss this activity and all of my church friends here in Philippines. When the activity was done, my friends in my ward with me singed again the Faith in Every Footstep for some fun and reminds to us what is our purpose. KAMSAHAMNIDA!

내가 당신을 다 사랑 해요!

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