Sunday, April 29, 2012


Q: How are you so far son?
Elder Bacarro: Doing great here. Summer is coming soon adn I'm excited. It's my last time here in Korea.
Q: How many areas do you have so far and what is your favorite?
Elder: I have four areas so far, Seocho, Dongdaemun-wards inside of Seoul area. Uijeongbu and Geumchon- Northern Gyeonggido area. I like all of my areas but of course there are some differences. In my first area, everything ther is rich. It's the richest area in Seoul and the members are dang loaded. Our ward mission leader sometimes takes us to costco and spend 1000 dollars for us. Dongdaemun is the opposite of Seocho. Members are so humble though and it's really a small ward. Uijeongbu is in the North east part of Gyeonggi Province. It's really nice especially during autumn. The ward is big, more than 120 members and they're freaking cool. The area is big though, we have 6 cities, Uijeongbu, Yangjy, Pocheon, Namyangju and Yeoncheon. 3x bigger of Seoul!!! Geumchon really reminds me of our ward. I felt welcme here because of the youth and the SAs. It's in the west side of Uijeongbu.

Q: What is your favorite season in Korea?
Elder: Maybe autumn!!!

Q: How's the food? Whta's the difference in Filipino food?
Elder: Honestly, korean food is so healthy. Koreans eat a lot of vegetables, I never seen some of em' before. Unlike in us, Koreans eat more raw vegies which make them REALLY HEALTHY. They have some meat. I like Kimchi, dak kalbi, bulgogi, daenjang chigae and Pokeumbap.!!! They also have rice cakes here but I like more our rice cakes. They eat raw fish sometimes, not a lot. In short, it's more asian!

Q: Had you been to the border? DMZ?
Elder: It's in my area now but I never went there before. I want too but I need my passport. It's 20 minutes by train from our area. I saw the North Korean mountains though.

Q: How big is Seoul?
Elder: I think it's 1 AND A HALF size of Metro Manila area. I'm not sure though. I feel like it's the same but Seoul is pack of people than Manila.

Q: How about the subways? Incheon airport?
Elder: I love the subway system here! It's so easy and it's the best. It's fast too. Incheon airport is legit and pretty big. When you landed, you need to take a train to go to the immigration office and to the other terminals. It's super new and so clean. I remember Tokyo Narita but Incheon is better.


Nothing special...I LOVE KOREA!!!

Warm Spring 2012!!!

Howdy??? I think there's another one, its the Thames Bridge in London

known as London bridge.

Last week was pretty crazy. Spring this year is so weird. Last time it

was so hot like summer. We got almost 26 degrees here!!! Weekends was

rainy and chilly and today is so hot. I'm starting wearing short

sleeve shirts now. It's so pretty now here, trees are turning to green

and my favorite, cherry blossoms and tulips! Last friday, we went to

our office because of my greenie's passoff and he's done! He will be

senior next transfer here maybe and I'll leave. It will be my last


Last week was pretty hard in terms of missionary work. All of our

investigators didn't meet with us and no one came to church but it's

okay coz it really happens.

Thats all so far...



Not spring, it's summer!!!


I said summer because it's not spring anymore...Koreans always tells us, Oh it's not spring, it's summer. Right now we have 28C here then the coming days, we will get 30C.!

Last week was great and tough at the same time. Still we didn't find any new investigators. Our new investigator stop meetnig with us so we only have 1 investigator, the 13 year old kid Kim Ji Hun. We started to teach him about the Book of Mormon but we used the Book of MOrmon stories. We played Rummikkub. Last wednesday, we had a samgyeopsal(삼겹살) dinner to our rich member with the sisters, as yuou know were four missionaries in our area. His name is Kim Jo SU. Nice and funny man in our ward. The place where he lives reminds me of Sta. Lucia, It's opn the hills and his house is absolutely legit! It was so rainy at the same time. We got 3 days rain here but this week will be sunny and hot. Thursday was our district blitz(finding activity) in our area with our zone leaders. I had a chance to serve with one of my favorite missionaries here. He's name is Elder Dorrough and I was inspire in his faith to find people to teach. We had fun together for 5 mins. splits, hehehehe...

Friday was my favorite. We had our interviews to our mission President and the first time I entered the room, he said " Oh Elder Bacarro, your going home in 3 transfers! How are you?" That was weird so it makes me a lil bit of trunky hehehe. We had a fun conversation and I told him about BYU Hawaii, if I can take exam here, he told me that the institute of religion in my 2nd area will have michigan test this coming May 26 so he will ask about that. So maybe I'll take exam here but I'm not sure though. I LOVE PRESIDENT 이용환!!!

Saturday, our ward Priesthood holders had a Brithers meeting in a member's house and it was fun. I actually didn't know what was going on because they talked so fast and they used hard vocabs.

Yesterday, I saw a Korean festival in our district leader's area. It was fun and I almost died..hehehe...It was fun....

STILL good here and May is coming. Transfers on May 9 and I'll probably go to my last area. I just want to go back to Seoul so much.




Sunday, April 15, 2012



It's my last spring here! Elder Arellano is doing great. He's serving

now in a filipino ward in San Marcos, Cali with American companion who

learned tagalog at the MTC. He's planning also to go to BYUH.

Last week was really warm. It's starting warmer and warmer here and

I'm excited. I just can't wait to run outside and the summer here. I

need to lose more weight even I loss a lot of weight here. Thanks to

the Korean food! It's really healthy... Flowers and trees are starting

to bloom now.

My recent convert got his priesthood yesterday and I was so happy fo

him. He's still active and really progressing. I just can't wait for

to go to the temple with his family in Mongolia. That's a really big


Oh tomorrow, were planning to go to DORASAN, It's the last train

station of the line in our area to North Korea. I will have a chance

to see North Korea!!! Crazy huh???

When is he going home? All of my friends here are dying but don't

worry to me. I'm not yet trunky!!! Hopefully I will not until my last

transfer. It's hard here now but things are all doing great. Members

helped us a lot and they feed us a lot.

Well, if they want to go to swimming, I'm in but if we will go to the

beach!!! I miss ocean. Of course I'm proud of the beaches in PH!!!

Talk to you later. Mother's day is coming! I will call you guys soon!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What a great conference!!!

Talked a lot about raising kids...mmmm...sounds great!!! Coz I need

that! We had temple day last tuesday and I got a mail from Inang. I

was curious why their mail is opened and they put a masking tape on

it...Ask them if they sent something there...

Honestly I just cant wait to go home to hang out with you guys. Haha,

I think he'll really visit me, I told him that our house is not that

pretty but he said its ok. He's not sure though coz he need to go back

to school. Probably not BYU coz he hates the rules...hehehe.... I

emailed Elder Arellano if you remeber him, the elder that I went

together in the MTC, he will go home on August 28...early huh???its


Now its warming now here coz of spring, I just cant wait the cherry blossoms!!!!



Sunday, April 1, 2012

4 months left!!!!

안녕하세요!!! (annyeong haseyo)

Last week was a blast! We had snowfall here but it melted at the afternoon. It's getting colder here again but still spring is starting now. Last monday night, we got our transfer calls and I'm still staying here in 금촌 GEUMCHON with my greenie. One of the areas in our zone is now in our district again. I had also splits with our district leader, Elder Dorius from St. George. We had so much fun and I don't know, jsut so fun in doing missionary work. At thursday, we had a district finding activity in ILSAN(일산). While doing contacting some people, I met this guy and started talking to me in english and he's really good at it. He thought I', from Brazil which Koreans sometimes think or Mexico. He was surprise whe I told him I'm from PH and he was surprise too in my english because it sounded like american. I just laughed.

At Friday we went to a place in our area called MUNSAN 문산. It's in the northern part of our area and it's really close to North Korea. We had a diiner and it was so good. I love korean food especially their kimchi. Saturday we met this kid in the name of 김지훈 Kim Ji Hun and he brought his friend. Sweet!!! So we have 2 investigators. At night we had Priesthood meeting where evryone in the priesthood in our ward have fun and eating together. They doing that once every month during saturdays.

Yestreday was exciting, me and my companion during our sunday school called this less active member so we went outside and suddenly this family showed up and talked to our bishop and to the sister missionaries. We went back to the class and our Bishop called me and told that that family are from Philippines but they are Koreans. So we talked at our bishop's office and they surprised because they're living now in ANGELES!!! I told them that I'm from that area. The mom is a student of Holy Angel University and their daughter is attending in a foreign school somewhere in Balibago. They will go back in PH this coming friday except the dad so we will still meeting him. They're so kind to me and they speak a lil bit of tagalog. Hopefully I'll meet them when I go home. I miss home now because of tem coz they started talking about SM CLARK, Tarlac....peace!!!!! We had streetboarding activity in our DL's area. It's campaigning period now here in Korea so its pretty noisy like in us.

Well, General conference this coming sunday. After, we can remove now our suits and we can wear our short sleeve shirts!!! Sweet and this is my lat general conference in my mission. I'm excited!!!

Still good here and cold. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!