Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not spring, it's summer!!!


I said summer because it's not spring anymore...Koreans always tells us, Oh it's not spring, it's summer. Right now we have 28C here then the coming days, we will get 30C.!

Last week was great and tough at the same time. Still we didn't find any new investigators. Our new investigator stop meetnig with us so we only have 1 investigator, the 13 year old kid Kim Ji Hun. We started to teach him about the Book of Mormon but we used the Book of MOrmon stories. We played Rummikkub. Last wednesday, we had a samgyeopsal(삼겹살) dinner to our rich member with the sisters, as yuou know were four missionaries in our area. His name is Kim Jo SU. Nice and funny man in our ward. The place where he lives reminds me of Sta. Lucia, It's opn the hills and his house is absolutely legit! It was so rainy at the same time. We got 3 days rain here but this week will be sunny and hot. Thursday was our district blitz(finding activity) in our area with our zone leaders. I had a chance to serve with one of my favorite missionaries here. He's name is Elder Dorrough and I was inspire in his faith to find people to teach. We had fun together for 5 mins. splits, hehehehe...

Friday was my favorite. We had our interviews to our mission President and the first time I entered the room, he said " Oh Elder Bacarro, your going home in 3 transfers! How are you?" That was weird so it makes me a lil bit of trunky hehehe. We had a fun conversation and I told him about BYU Hawaii, if I can take exam here, he told me that the institute of religion in my 2nd area will have michigan test this coming May 26 so he will ask about that. So maybe I'll take exam here but I'm not sure though. I LOVE PRESIDENT 이용환!!!

Saturday, our ward Priesthood holders had a Brithers meeting in a member's house and it was fun. I actually didn't know what was going on because they talked so fast and they used hard vocabs.

Yesterday, I saw a Korean festival in our district leader's area. It was fun and I almost died..hehehe...It was fun....

STILL good here and May is coming. Transfers on May 9 and I'll probably go to my last area. I just want to go back to Seoul so much.




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