Sunday, April 15, 2012



It's my last spring here! Elder Arellano is doing great. He's serving

now in a filipino ward in San Marcos, Cali with American companion who

learned tagalog at the MTC. He's planning also to go to BYUH.

Last week was really warm. It's starting warmer and warmer here and

I'm excited. I just can't wait to run outside and the summer here. I

need to lose more weight even I loss a lot of weight here. Thanks to

the Korean food! It's really healthy... Flowers and trees are starting

to bloom now.

My recent convert got his priesthood yesterday and I was so happy fo

him. He's still active and really progressing. I just can't wait for

to go to the temple with his family in Mongolia. That's a really big


Oh tomorrow, were planning to go to DORASAN, It's the last train

station of the line in our area to North Korea. I will have a chance

to see North Korea!!! Crazy huh???

When is he going home? All of my friends here are dying but don't

worry to me. I'm not yet trunky!!! Hopefully I will not until my last

transfer. It's hard here now but things are all doing great. Members

helped us a lot and they feed us a lot.

Well, if they want to go to swimming, I'm in but if we will go to the

beach!!! I miss ocean. Of course I'm proud of the beaches in PH!!!

Talk to you later. Mother's day is coming! I will call you guys soon!


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