Sunday, April 29, 2012


Q: How are you so far son?
Elder Bacarro: Doing great here. Summer is coming soon adn I'm excited. It's my last time here in Korea.
Q: How many areas do you have so far and what is your favorite?
Elder: I have four areas so far, Seocho, Dongdaemun-wards inside of Seoul area. Uijeongbu and Geumchon- Northern Gyeonggido area. I like all of my areas but of course there are some differences. In my first area, everything ther is rich. It's the richest area in Seoul and the members are dang loaded. Our ward mission leader sometimes takes us to costco and spend 1000 dollars for us. Dongdaemun is the opposite of Seocho. Members are so humble though and it's really a small ward. Uijeongbu is in the North east part of Gyeonggi Province. It's really nice especially during autumn. The ward is big, more than 120 members and they're freaking cool. The area is big though, we have 6 cities, Uijeongbu, Yangjy, Pocheon, Namyangju and Yeoncheon. 3x bigger of Seoul!!! Geumchon really reminds me of our ward. I felt welcme here because of the youth and the SAs. It's in the west side of Uijeongbu.

Q: What is your favorite season in Korea?
Elder: Maybe autumn!!!

Q: How's the food? Whta's the difference in Filipino food?
Elder: Honestly, korean food is so healthy. Koreans eat a lot of vegetables, I never seen some of em' before. Unlike in us, Koreans eat more raw vegies which make them REALLY HEALTHY. They have some meat. I like Kimchi, dak kalbi, bulgogi, daenjang chigae and Pokeumbap.!!! They also have rice cakes here but I like more our rice cakes. They eat raw fish sometimes, not a lot. In short, it's more asian!

Q: Had you been to the border? DMZ?
Elder: It's in my area now but I never went there before. I want too but I need my passport. It's 20 minutes by train from our area. I saw the North Korean mountains though.

Q: How big is Seoul?
Elder: I think it's 1 AND A HALF size of Metro Manila area. I'm not sure though. I feel like it's the same but Seoul is pack of people than Manila.

Q: How about the subways? Incheon airport?
Elder: I love the subway system here! It's so easy and it's the best. It's fast too. Incheon airport is legit and pretty big. When you landed, you need to take a train to go to the immigration office and to the other terminals. It's super new and so clean. I remember Tokyo Narita but Incheon is better.


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