Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nothing special...I LOVE KOREA!!!

Warm Spring 2012!!!

Howdy??? I think there's another one, its the Thames Bridge in London

known as London bridge.

Last week was pretty crazy. Spring this year is so weird. Last time it

was so hot like summer. We got almost 26 degrees here!!! Weekends was

rainy and chilly and today is so hot. I'm starting wearing short

sleeve shirts now. It's so pretty now here, trees are turning to green

and my favorite, cherry blossoms and tulips! Last friday, we went to

our office because of my greenie's passoff and he's done! He will be

senior next transfer here maybe and I'll leave. It will be my last


Last week was pretty hard in terms of missionary work. All of our

investigators didn't meet with us and no one came to church but it's

okay coz it really happens.

Thats all so far...



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