Sunday, April 1, 2012

4 months left!!!!

안녕하세요!!! (annyeong haseyo)

Last week was a blast! We had snowfall here but it melted at the afternoon. It's getting colder here again but still spring is starting now. Last monday night, we got our transfer calls and I'm still staying here in 금촌 GEUMCHON with my greenie. One of the areas in our zone is now in our district again. I had also splits with our district leader, Elder Dorius from St. George. We had so much fun and I don't know, jsut so fun in doing missionary work. At thursday, we had a district finding activity in ILSAN(일산). While doing contacting some people, I met this guy and started talking to me in english and he's really good at it. He thought I', from Brazil which Koreans sometimes think or Mexico. He was surprise whe I told him I'm from PH and he was surprise too in my english because it sounded like american. I just laughed.

At Friday we went to a place in our area called MUNSAN 문산. It's in the northern part of our area and it's really close to North Korea. We had a diiner and it was so good. I love korean food especially their kimchi. Saturday we met this kid in the name of 김지훈 Kim Ji Hun and he brought his friend. Sweet!!! So we have 2 investigators. At night we had Priesthood meeting where evryone in the priesthood in our ward have fun and eating together. They doing that once every month during saturdays.

Yestreday was exciting, me and my companion during our sunday school called this less active member so we went outside and suddenly this family showed up and talked to our bishop and to the sister missionaries. We went back to the class and our Bishop called me and told that that family are from Philippines but they are Koreans. So we talked at our bishop's office and they surprised because they're living now in ANGELES!!! I told them that I'm from that area. The mom is a student of Holy Angel University and their daughter is attending in a foreign school somewhere in Balibago. They will go back in PH this coming friday except the dad so we will still meeting him. They're so kind to me and they speak a lil bit of tagalog. Hopefully I'll meet them when I go home. I miss home now because of tem coz they started talking about SM CLARK, Tarlac....peace!!!!! We had streetboarding activity in our DL's area. It's campaigning period now here in Korea so its pretty noisy like in us.

Well, General conference this coming sunday. After, we can remove now our suits and we can wear our short sleeve shirts!!! Sweet and this is my lat general conference in my mission. I'm excited!!!

Still good here and cold. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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