Sunday, July 22, 2012

주항, 보고싶을거야!!!(I will miss you Ju-Hang!!!)

I will miss you Ju-Hang!!!

안녕하세요 여러번!!! How's Elder I mean Bro. Bosotros doing? What is he doing now? Hoping that he has a job now and doing great after mission. I'm kinda scare to go home but...WHATEVER! DOing great here in Seoul and having more fun serving the Lord.

It's Elder Bacarro from Korea Seoul Mission. I'm actually planning to send some of my clothes this week. Anyways, our week here was fun, sad and super rainy! So Humid!

 Monday, we went in a place called 목욕탕, it's a public bath place here in Korea so you have to be there taking showers and relaxing in a warm pool naked. It was fun but kinda weird. Tuesday, we pretty much did missionary work coz it's the best! I went on a splits with my zone leader in their area. met a Filipina on the bus while we were going to a member's house. Her name is Jinky from Pasig. She's here in Korea coz they have a branch office here in Seoul (INTEL). I talked to her and my tagalog totally sucked! She tought that I'm half pinoy coz of my accent and my hard time to talk in tagalog. She called us last night and wants to met with us but I referred her to our sister missionaries in our zone coz she doesn't live in our area. It was kinda weird talking to a girl coz asyou know were not allowed to talk to girls here in our mission. Wednesday, we had our district meeting and I trained about bearing testimony and A missionary without eloquence. It went good! That day was so rainy, hot and humid! My socks got wet so we decided to call some of our ptentials at our house. Thursday still the same, english class and ward correlation meeting. Our ward mission leader is sick! He really helps us a lot and want to push our ward to do missionary work. He also helps us to have dinner appointments to our members, but the ward already doin that to us. They feed us a lot here!

Friday, we found another 2 new investigators! Miracle! The lady is a chatter box. She just talked a lot about this and this and that, but the husband was kinda flaky but they're both nice. They're working in a TV station here in Korea(KBS). They adopted a cat from street which is nice:D Saturday was intense, we met our 3 investigators including our investigator from Myanmar. We found out that he's the President of their church in Myanmar, scary but we are the Lord's true representative and this church is true so we relly testified to him with boldness. At night, we had dinner from our member and they treated us in a buffet!!! Super good food and masarap, hehehehe....We shared about families. Yesterday was kinda sad coz our favorite young men here is going to America for school. He's the best guy ever and her mom is our missionary mom here. They help us a ton and we love them. He'll go to America today and stay there for three years. Our progressing investigator came to church late so it was fine. Still good for his baptism for this coming July 29, please pray for him. I'm excited!!!

We just got visit from our zone leaders in our apartment today. We just planned for the trainiong this coming wednesday. Tomorrow will be ou temple day! We will hang out with our investigator today in Incheon China town! I think we will eat some chinese food! Sick!!!

I'll let you guys go now. This church is true!!! ENDURE TO THE END. Hurrah for ISRAEL!!!

사랑하고좋은 하루됬어용!!!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Interviews from our new Mission President

안녕하세요 나의 가족!!!

How's it goin up 'er? It's me again from Korea Seoul Mission. We rains for the past 4 days but they're not that bad as last year. I love 장마(jang-ma) as they call it in korean(monsoon) this year, i's coll and not warm. Still kinda sucks coz it's hard to talk to people on the street so we just call our potential investigator records. We clean our house if it is raining outside. Today is rainy and feels good outside, 20 degrees celcius.

Last Monday, I hanged out with my MTC batch because some of them will go home this coming August 3. We had hotdogs and barbeque!!! Cheeze awesome! We just talked our MTC memories and just played card games like PHASE 10 and UNO. It was fun. Tuesday night, we had a dinner appointment from our member. His name is 이상래. He's the 2nd conselor in the stake presidency here. Her daugher served her mission in Seattle. We talked about her mission. My comp and I surprised for her planners especially the weekly goals, it was different a lil' bit. She met some Filipino missionaries up there. Wednesday, it was our Combined District meeting at 화곡 area. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ and our purpose as a missionary. We gave trainings from us(missionaries). I talked about the Book of Mormon and Opening the Heavens. It's an article form Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the Seventy. I did some splits in my district so I went to 개봉 with Elder 기민수. We had some fun and visited a lot of their members. At night, I just gave a training about baptimasl commitments.

Thursday, we met our inveestigator, 기민준. We played pinpong with his firend, 주항. He's our member in our ward. Sad coz he's going to America next week for school. He's our favorite young men in our ward. Pretty much at night, English class and ward correlation meeting.

Friday, our interviews with our new Mission President. It was weird coz it was in English and reall awesome. We just basically talked my plans in my last transfer. I kinda cried in that interview because he said some things and some advices that I can do more. He thanked me in my leadership as a district leader. I love President Christensen! His wife was there too but she's waiting in another room. She's cool and brought us chocolates, sweet!!! Anyways about the interviews, we talked about setting vison that I can set and do in my last transfer. He said also about not being trunky because he really doesn't want missionaries get trunky.

Saturday was a busy day! We had soccer game with our ward. We met 2 new investigators and one of them is really interested in English. Then at night, we commited Mr. Bong to be baptize on July 29 and... He accepted it! He's so humble and really wants to change his life. I was so happy because I really really want baptism in my lst part of my mission. Me and my companion was so happy for him! He came to church yesterday.

We had dinner appointment last night at our member's house with our former bishop and his family and of course with Mr. Bong!!! It was good coz they taugh him about temple work and he loved it! He expressed his feelings about his father's death so we told him that through his gospel he will see him again. I'm just really grateful for this gospel and I know it is true!

That's all for the last week. I love you all and PEACE!


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Jang-Ma is here!!!

Good Morning my wonderful family. This is Elder Bacarro again reporting from Seoul Korea. Another week passed by and a new week has started. If you're doing some countdowns at home, I still have 9 weeks left in my mission. It's still long so don't make me trunky. Even some of the missionaries are trying hard to make me trunky but... Sorry, I can't.

It was an adventurous week. We had a Meet the Mission President conference last Friday...It was ackward coz the trainings are all in English and he's american! President Christensen talked about obedience and some mission rules. We will have interviews with hime this Friday and I'll talk about my district. At that day my companion got sick. We were at the subway when he started sweating a ton and having some stomach pain. I was nervous a lil bit so I just comforted him and stopped in a subway station. The bad thing was it so rainy at that day. Jang-Ma as they call it here already started. We got some rains from Wednesday to Saturday morning. Rain here doesn't stop and it pours a lot. Reminds me back home. Is it rainy in us now?

Hah we met a new investigator last Thursday! His name is Mr. Bong, he's korean but I forgot his korean name. We met him on the street. he went to Philippines before for business and he loved it. He wants to come back but because of his job. He has a problem, his wife left him coz when he went back to Korea from Philippines, he saw their house dirty so he argued to his wife and slapped her face, cheeze, so the next day he just saw his wife not in their bed. We taught him about Restoration and how this gospel will help families to be happy. We commited to him to be baptize and he said he will!!! Yeah hopefully he will baptize. I want to get baptism before I'll go home.

I love you guys and miss you all!!!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rain rain!!!

Hello my dear Family!!!

Thanks that you got the package, I'm sending another one and my luggages are already set to go! Hahaha, it's ok because my plan is I'll stay for a while in Philippines coz I was at outside the country for two years and I'll maybe take the one in February exam. I'm planning to get a job there so that I can save money for schooling. Hahaha, I don't know bout mine if I'll talk in tagalog to all of you. Did he share his testimony???

Cheeze, about here in Korea, at last we got rain last saturday and yesterday which made the weather comfortable, but it's hot here again and so humid! I miss tropical, ocean breeze. We've seen some miracles last week. We have a new investigator and they're family! The father used to come to english class in one of the areas in our mission..15 years ago so he knows the missionaries and about our church. i'M PUMP NOW! Then, I met some filipinos. The one is from Taal, Batangas. He lives way down south of the country so I can't teach him. I referred him to Daejeon Mission.

Oh we had tons of dinner and lunch appointments here from our members! My favorite one was the last tuesday, our Bishop's wife bounce us iin this fancy buffet worth 26 dollars plate!!! Almost 900 pesos in our money and I ate a lot especially steak!!! Tons of food and you can eat all you can. Sushi, just everything!!!

We went to Incheon last Friday for my comp's korean visa and I saw the port but it was kinda dirty:(....

Loves and IO need to go now! I love you all!!!