Sunday, July 22, 2012

주항, 보고싶을거야!!!(I will miss you Ju-Hang!!!)

I will miss you Ju-Hang!!!

안녕하세요 여러번!!! How's Elder I mean Bro. Bosotros doing? What is he doing now? Hoping that he has a job now and doing great after mission. I'm kinda scare to go home but...WHATEVER! DOing great here in Seoul and having more fun serving the Lord.

It's Elder Bacarro from Korea Seoul Mission. I'm actually planning to send some of my clothes this week. Anyways, our week here was fun, sad and super rainy! So Humid!

 Monday, we went in a place called 목욕탕, it's a public bath place here in Korea so you have to be there taking showers and relaxing in a warm pool naked. It was fun but kinda weird. Tuesday, we pretty much did missionary work coz it's the best! I went on a splits with my zone leader in their area. met a Filipina on the bus while we were going to a member's house. Her name is Jinky from Pasig. She's here in Korea coz they have a branch office here in Seoul (INTEL). I talked to her and my tagalog totally sucked! She tought that I'm half pinoy coz of my accent and my hard time to talk in tagalog. She called us last night and wants to met with us but I referred her to our sister missionaries in our zone coz she doesn't live in our area. It was kinda weird talking to a girl coz asyou know were not allowed to talk to girls here in our mission. Wednesday, we had our district meeting and I trained about bearing testimony and A missionary without eloquence. It went good! That day was so rainy, hot and humid! My socks got wet so we decided to call some of our ptentials at our house. Thursday still the same, english class and ward correlation meeting. Our ward mission leader is sick! He really helps us a lot and want to push our ward to do missionary work. He also helps us to have dinner appointments to our members, but the ward already doin that to us. They feed us a lot here!

Friday, we found another 2 new investigators! Miracle! The lady is a chatter box. She just talked a lot about this and this and that, but the husband was kinda flaky but they're both nice. They're working in a TV station here in Korea(KBS). They adopted a cat from street which is nice:D Saturday was intense, we met our 3 investigators including our investigator from Myanmar. We found out that he's the President of their church in Myanmar, scary but we are the Lord's true representative and this church is true so we relly testified to him with boldness. At night, we had dinner from our member and they treated us in a buffet!!! Super good food and masarap, hehehehe....We shared about families. Yesterday was kinda sad coz our favorite young men here is going to America for school. He's the best guy ever and her mom is our missionary mom here. They help us a ton and we love them. He'll go to America today and stay there for three years. Our progressing investigator came to church late so it was fine. Still good for his baptism for this coming July 29, please pray for him. I'm excited!!!

We just got visit from our zone leaders in our apartment today. We just planned for the trainiong this coming wednesday. Tomorrow will be ou temple day! We will hang out with our investigator today in Incheon China town! I think we will eat some chinese food! Sick!!!

I'll let you guys go now. This church is true!!! ENDURE TO THE END. Hurrah for ISRAEL!!!

사랑하고좋은 하루됬어용!!!


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