Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rain rain!!!

Hello my dear Family!!!

Thanks that you got the package, I'm sending another one and my luggages are already set to go! Hahaha, it's ok because my plan is I'll stay for a while in Philippines coz I was at outside the country for two years and I'll maybe take the one in February exam. I'm planning to get a job there so that I can save money for schooling. Hahaha, I don't know bout mine if I'll talk in tagalog to all of you. Did he share his testimony???

Cheeze, about here in Korea, at last we got rain last saturday and yesterday which made the weather comfortable, but it's hot here again and so humid! I miss tropical, ocean breeze. We've seen some miracles last week. We have a new investigator and they're family! The father used to come to english class in one of the areas in our mission..15 years ago so he knows the missionaries and about our church. i'M PUMP NOW! Then, I met some filipinos. The one is from Taal, Batangas. He lives way down south of the country so I can't teach him. I referred him to Daejeon Mission.

Oh we had tons of dinner and lunch appointments here from our members! My favorite one was the last tuesday, our Bishop's wife bounce us iin this fancy buffet worth 26 dollars plate!!! Almost 900 pesos in our money and I ate a lot especially steak!!! Tons of food and you can eat all you can. Sushi, just everything!!!

We went to Incheon last Friday for my comp's korean visa and I saw the port but it was kinda dirty:(....

Loves and IO need to go now! I love you all!!!


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