Sunday, June 24, 2012

President Lee's last week...Welcome President Christensen!

President Lee's last week...

Last week was intense...Don't have to say a lot...Wednesdays was our transfers and I only have 1 left which is really weird and really crazy of...My new companion is Elder Scott Messick from Orange county, CALIFORNIA. He goes home next year and we're co-seniors but I'm the district leader here!!! Yes!!! You'll receive a mail from our office about that and my travel plans so inform me AGAIN if you guys got a letter from our mission. About  travel plans, just email to me everything what's in there, just about the airline what flight am I going to because families are the first one who get that letter.

Well it's a humid, hot and drought here in Korea. We didn't get rain here so far so it's always hot and sunny. It
's crazy that I'm the district leader in my last part of my mission. Yeah...Elder Duke is now in Incheon as a zone leader. What else, oh, we saw some miracles last week too, a random lady called us and wanrts to come to our english class so she came and went to my class. I had an impression to talk about the Book of Mormon and it surprised me! She told me that she wants to learn about the book and she downloaded the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and covenants in our church's site! She listens to it every day! We will meet her this coming thursday and hopefully she will get baptize!

We had a dinner with our progressing investigator Jin Min Jeong and we ate samgyeopsal at their rooftop. Freak sweet!!! We talked a lot about missionary work and the Book of Alma.

Yesterday, we went you Yeongdeungpo for our Mission President's farewell meeting for the members here in Seoul area. It was emotional when he asked us to stand(all the missionaries) and told the members how proud he is to us and how he loves us so much then he cried. He told the members how hard missionary work especially financial. He said that we have a hardtime in transportation too because it's sooo expensive so he ask the members to help the missionaries a lot. He emphasized also that we can baptize even we're not good at korean. I was so happy when he said that to all the members here in Seoul Mission! We cried(missionaries) but life still go on!

During our church, members invited us to visit their house and have a lunch and dinner. So this week, our schedule is totally packed. Were still finding people to teach and so good doing this work. I feel sometimes that I don't want to go home because I love this work but I need to go back... 

okay that's all the highlights for the last week. Still hot and humid!!! I miss tropical coz it's windy in us! LOVES!!! Good luck to your job kath and say hi to mom and dad.


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