Sunday, June 3, 2012


A great week with 50,000 WON!!!

Well I'll take exam this coming saturday at Dongdaemun(my last area!!!) Hopefully they will pass me man! If not I'll just go to school there...Hahaha, last week was so fun and lots of activities here in our mission but first I want to tell want happened last wednesday. I had splits in Kaebong..It's actually Elder Won Yong Ko's home ward. Me and the missionary there had street boarding, after that, we took this bus that goes back to their apartment and we met this old lady and started to talked  us because she wants to help us to carry our stuffs but I told her that we were fine, then I introduce our church to her and surprised me that she a lot about us! Then we sat and gave us 50 dollars!!!! At first we didn't want to accept it and we really didn't wanted too but she really forced us to accept it, so we got it...Highlights for the week.

Thursday was our Medical zone conference! We will have another one this month because our mission president is going home soon. I'll be really sad. Mmmm...We had also a lots of dinner appointments and I just learned something that I will share to you guys after 2 transfers, hehehehe just wait!

I just don't have any comments about that. Hahha... Say hi for me to inang and grandpa ben. Tell them that I love them and I'm doing great here in Seoul. Lots of miracles and finding investigators! I love missionary work! Bye guys! Today is 25 degrees outside but it's so hot coz of humidity!


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