Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seoul is the best!!!

26C Summer???

Hello to you guys! Elder Bacarro is signing ON again from Seoul, Korea. Last week was nothing. We had some weird weather here. 26c TEMPERATURE BUT STILL SO HOT FOR ME! We found some new investigators, they're 2 cute 8 year old kids, but the problem was we dropped them last thursday! Reason was their mom heard that we taught them how to pray(we actually did 30/30 program to them, 30 minutes english and 30 minutes gospel time), they decided not to meet them anymore:(... It was devastating for us because we tried to find a lot of investigators and those kids are so awesome! They were still humble at their age and they really loved us! Hahaha, I got a call from our mission office telling me about BYUH, I'll take exam this coming June, I think I'll take with some Korean missionaries, hopefully I'll pass the exam!!!

We met an old lady last week from Japan but she's half korean-japanese. Luckily she speaks korean although a lil bit. Sometimes she talks in Japanese, i wish I can still remember my Japanese back high school! Her name is SOMI??? I'm not really sure... It was sound like that. Hahaha, sorry for my disorganized emaiL. Today was our temple day and we have a new missionary from Cambodia! I had a chance to talk to him and shocked me coz he's pretty good at english...I met him today! What else do I need to tell....I think that's all folks! Still alive here and enjoying life as a missionary here in the LAND OF MORNING CALM. I love this gospel and I know that this church is true. This transfer is going smoothly so far with Elder Duke. I learned a lot and helps me to be mature in this gospel. I love him and I know HE loves us!!! Always remember that FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER! I'm really grateful that you're helping and feeding the missionaries at our house. Honestly, when you started inviting missionaries in our house, I got a lots of blessings and support from the members that I served with and the areas that I've been was sweet!

PEACE! Doctrine and Covenants 4!


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