Sunday, June 17, 2012

We will miss you PRESIDENT LEE and Sister HAN!!!

Goodbye President Lee and Sister Han!!!

Hello 나의 가족!!! Last week was so sad and spiritual. Last wednesday, we

had our last zone conference with our beloved Mission President and

his wife. It was sad because we love him and they're great people!

When Sister Han gave her last message to us, we are all started

crying, she talked about reading the scriptures daily and how her

mission change her a lot. She expressed how she loves us. President

Lee cried too and it was my first time to see him crying.He talked how

the 3 years gone by so fast and he can't believed that his calling as

a mission President is done. It was really emotional. We sang God Be

With You Till We Meet Again and at the last verse, we (missionaries)

standed and sandg it with conviction for him. It was really emotional.

After the closing prayer, we were all quiet and didn't prepare for

lunch, we just stared at him and his wife.Ah!!! I will miss him!!!

Then after the conference, he gave us hug and saying goodbyes.ㅜ.ㅜ...

At that day too, I had splits with my zone leader because he's going

home. We ate DOG MEAT!!!!!! Yes!!!! Dog meat!!! They're investigator

treated us in a dog resto and at first I didn't want too. When I ate

the meat, it was weird but after that bite, I liked it. It tasted like

goat meat and so soft!!! We went back to our area and visited the

filipina member. It was fun.

The next day, I went to Shiheung for splits again! It was so hot and

so humid!!! I really don't like summer here, I like summer in us coz

it's windy. Me and Elder Kim had some success and at night, we met

they're less-active member and told me about some dirty stuffs so I

just laughed. Friday, I went back at last in my area with Elder Duke.

We were both tired but still, work continues! We found some miracles

in our proselyting. We found 4 new investigators!!! I was so happy!!!

Yesterday, we had our ward conference and tons of people came. Ok I

forgot to tell you guys that our ward is pretty big, we have 150

members every sunday and yesterday, we had 180!!! This ward is huge

because of kids... We had lunch after and still,...lots of people.

This week will be our transfers. Cheeze, I'll stay here maybe with my

last companion in my mission!!! Elder Duke will maybe transferring to

another area. I only have a another transfer!!! Soooooooooo scary!!!

I took the exam and let's see the results... LOVES. PEACE.


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