Sunday, May 20, 2012

Michigan Test!!! HOT SUMMER!!!

Hot summmer hot hot summer!!!

Hello! This is Elder Bacarro again from Seoul, Korea! Wow days gone by

so fast and its our 3rd week now of this transfer! Last week, we had

some fun here in my area. Were kinda finding new investigators now

because we only have 1 and some of our investigators stopped meeting

with us. It was frustrating. Yesterday, we found a new investigator

and they are a family!!! My first time in my mission. They have 2 cute

daughters and they surprised me because they went to Cebu before for

english. They said they loved it and I was kind of jealous

because....I want to go there!!!!

Hahaha, we found another one and she's a lady. She was kinda weird

because of her love of whitre people and it was so awckward, even our

member felt that. We decided to refer her to Incheon Bupyeong Sisters

because she lives there. I honestly don't want to meet her... We had a

dinner with our filipina member here from Ilocos and at last, I had

adobo and pansit after 7 months!!! I just cried when I saw adobo! I

miss it sooooooooo much! Her name is Minnie from Batac Ilocos Norte.

She served her mission in Micronesia Guam Mission. We talked a lot

about missionary work and she told us that they have cars in their

mission and she learned how to drive in just two weeks!!! She's here

in Korea I think because she's an english teacher? Her husband is a

korean but he's a member and ACTIVE! They have 2 sons adn both of them

knows only english or korean. I saw one of their shirts and they have

vigan shirt with ilokano on it! It was weird!

Hey, good news I got a call from our office yesterday. They told about

michigan test and yeah, I think this saturday...I'll take michigan

test!!! Hopefully I'll pass at this time...If not...I'll just go to

school there in Philippines. Haha, I'm not really sure what major am I

goona take but I'm thinking of History or Education. I don't know.

Haha, I wish I'm fluent at it but you know, korean is really

hard...I'm happy that raining season starts now there. Hahaha,

missionaries!!! Tell them that they should love the people they teach

and also the members. Okay family, Have a great day and just pray for

my exam this coming saturday. If I will not pass, it's okay. My

another option is just got back to school in Phil and hang out with

you guys! I LOVE YOU!!!


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