Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bucheon!!! Probably my last area!!!

We got our transfer calls last sunday after our services and I'm here

in Bucheon Ward Seoul Kangseo Stake. I gave my talk yesterday and they

just laughed. I actually don't know why??? Hehehehe...Hey, we have a

filipina member in our ward and she's from Ilocos Norte. She's active

and married to a korean guy but the good thing is they're both members

and they're 2 sons too. The ward here is bigger than my last area.

They have 150 members here that comes to church so it'!

The apartment is so small but it's sweet coz we dont get sunlight so

it's not getting hot:D My companion is Elder Duke from Eagle Mt., Utah

and we know alot so we were both excited serving together. I met one

of our investigator last wednesday and she's so golden and so close to

baptism but the problem is she's living with her fiancee so she can't

be baptize. They said they will wait up to November. She comes to

church every Sunday and the members are really fellowshipping her.

Our area is between Seoul and Incheon so it's awesome. We got Taco

Bell here, Krispy Kreme and Outback!!! I miss those and McDonalds!!!

I'm really excited to serve in this area. Sad though coz probably it's

my last area in my mission. Man, I can't believe that I'm going home

soon but it helps me alot to work harder. I love my mission and I'm

really really excited here in Bucheon!

Thanks for calling me yesterday and that will be my last call to you

guys as a missionary...Next time, we will talk face to face!!! I LOVE

YOU ALL AND So rainy today here in Seoul! Monsoon season is coming

here and hot and humid summer too!!!



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