Sunday, July 8, 2012


Jang-Ma is here!!!

Good Morning my wonderful family. This is Elder Bacarro again reporting from Seoul Korea. Another week passed by and a new week has started. If you're doing some countdowns at home, I still have 9 weeks left in my mission. It's still long so don't make me trunky. Even some of the missionaries are trying hard to make me trunky but... Sorry, I can't.

It was an adventurous week. We had a Meet the Mission President conference last Friday...It was ackward coz the trainings are all in English and he's american! President Christensen talked about obedience and some mission rules. We will have interviews with hime this Friday and I'll talk about my district. At that day my companion got sick. We were at the subway when he started sweating a ton and having some stomach pain. I was nervous a lil bit so I just comforted him and stopped in a subway station. The bad thing was it so rainy at that day. Jang-Ma as they call it here already started. We got some rains from Wednesday to Saturday morning. Rain here doesn't stop and it pours a lot. Reminds me back home. Is it rainy in us now?

Hah we met a new investigator last Thursday! His name is Mr. Bong, he's korean but I forgot his korean name. We met him on the street. he went to Philippines before for business and he loved it. He wants to come back but because of his job. He has a problem, his wife left him coz when he went back to Korea from Philippines, he saw their house dirty so he argued to his wife and slapped her face, cheeze, so the next day he just saw his wife not in their bed. We taught him about Restoration and how this gospel will help families to be happy. We commited to him to be baptize and he said he will!!! Yeah hopefully he will baptize. I want to get baptism before I'll go home.

I love you guys and miss you all!!!


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