Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last 6 months!!!

My area now is called Geumchon ward, Seoul Book(North) Stake. It
really reminds me of Bamban. Members here are great and they really
help us in doing missionary work so don't worry about me. Clinton
Christensen sent me a package again!!!! I just got it yesterday in our
mission conference. He sent me lots of candies, long sleeved shirt, 3
ties, stickers, christmas card, CTR RING!!!, and a shocking pen. I
didn't expected that package because I'm not really expecting a
package from him again and for the last christmas. HIs christmas is
great and cool, So please say thank you to him. I'll send him a letter
too. What happened is one of the missionary in our zopne called me and
he told me that I have package, so I wondered who's that from. SO when
I saw it, it was from him...  That's my 2nd package from him so

DMZ is closer that Capas to Tarlac...Maybe from our house up to
Downtown Capas. We can go there because its not really dangerous. Lots
of foreigners there and its pretty quite in my area coz not a lot of

Wapin eh malapit nakung muli. Anam a bulan naku mu keni kaya ayni meju
meging seryosu ku keng work kasi I need to be better. I will not do
this work anymore when I go home.


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