Sunday, March 4, 2012

NEXT AREA!!! Prior to coming home!

PASTILAN!!! I cant wait to go home but its really true when the time
comes that your getting close to go home is sad. Last week, I'm
thinking about my mission so far. Honestly babe, I LOVE MY MISSION,
It's a priceless thing. I can't imagine now how did I change more and
progress in this gospel. BABE, I miss u all there. Im really excited
to go home but at the same time I'm sad because I love being a
missionary, wearing this black nametag and shout to the korean people
about our gospel. I had a dream one time that I'm giving my talk in
our sacrament and I cried, cried, and cried. I can imagine now whats
the feeling of a person removing his badge in his pocket. I'm
scared!!! Chinca(really!!!)

Well, stop the drama, I'm now in my 4th area, 금촌(Geumchon ward, Seoul
North Stake). oUR ARE is so close to NORTH KOREA, 30mins by bus!!!!
crazy huh??? Our area reminds me of dapdap, Its really poor area but
the members are so humble. Members in my area really reminds me of
Capas ward. Members are so close to missionaries and even the youth!!!
I was surprised when Icame here coz our house is on the 14th floor and
freaking hightech and new....!!! Its like a condominium... The ward
has a lots of sisters so we have sister missionraies here, sisters
manley and Lee. Hahaha, its weird because were four here and our area
is so small(proselyting)....Bishop here is really cool too. My kid is
korean, Shin Jin Ho from Busan area.

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